Case Studies

Project Name: Parr Ventures
Location: Mission, BC
Dealer: The Langley Concrete Group
Client: Parr Ventures

Parr Ventures is a multi-phase residential development located in Mission, British Columbia. The site grading plan required a lower and upper retaining wall to develop the road right-of-way and building lots. In the District of Mission, blank concrete blocks are not permitted for use, so the developer had to investigate other suitable building options. The Langley Concrete Group proposed the use of Stone Strong Systems locks with the Tennessee Foothills Pattern option. The architectural and engineering designs were accepted by the District and the developer proceeded with the Stone Strong option.

The objective of the retaining walls was prepare the grade to meet the requirements for the road and lot allowances. In addition, a wall with architectural features had to be implemented. Stone Strong was selected as the block product for the project as the block achieved the architectural requirements for the District of Mission. In addition, the installation contractor was able to self-per-form the block installation works due to the big-block design system, reducing the overall schedule for wall installation.
Phase I & II walls were successfully installed. The developer and municipality were happy with the overall appearance and the aesthetic for the project site. The developer was very satisfied with Stone Strong and the value-add to the project site. The developer now uses Stone Strong exclusively for their projects, and has promoted the use for other project sites.