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All files up to date as of June.1 2022

Base Embedment______________________________ NEW June 2022
Geogrid Input Table for SRWall______________________________ Updated July 2022
Gravity Analysis Spreadsheet V6.3______________________________ Updated July 2021
Installation Manual______________________________ Updated January 2022
PRJ file for SRWall software______________________________ Updated June 2022
System Components - Dimensions & Volumes
24 SF Block Testing Report
6 SF Block Testing Report
Corner Details Metric
Corner Details SAE
Cross Sections Metric
Cross Sections SAE
Details Introduction
Development of cracks after installation
Gravity Height Tables 6-28 Block
Gravity Height Tables ______________________________ Updated March 2022
Gravity Wall Design - LRFD
Guardrail Loading
Minor chips on non-exposed block surfaces
Miscellaneous Details Metric
Miscellaneous Details SAE
Reinforcement Details ______________________________ Updated May 2022
Specifications ______________________________ Updated May 2021
Steel reinforcement in wall units
System Components - Metric
System Components - SAE
Typical Details Metric
Typical Details SAE
Concrete Strength for Precast Modular Wall Units
Gravity Wall Design - ASD
Paraweb MSE Input Values ______________________________ Updated May 2022