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Gravity Analysis Spreadsheet V6.5
Updated Dec 2023
New Mar 2022
Installation Manual
Updated May 2023
PRJ file for SRWall software
Updated Jun 2022
Stone Strong Brochure
New Jan 2024
System Components - Dimensions & Volumes
Updated Nov 2023
24-44 Block Testing Report
6-44 Block Testing Report
Corner Details - Metric
Updated Sep 2023
Corner Details - SAE
Updated Sep 2023
Cross Sections - Metric
Updated Nov 2023
Cross Sections - SAE
Updated Nov 2023
D150 Assembly - Gravity Height Tables
New Nov 2022
Details Introduction
Development of cracks after installation
Gravity Height Tables
Updated Mar 2022
Gravity Height Tables 6-28 Block
Gravity Wall Design - LRFD
Updated Dec 2023
Guardrail Loading
Minor chips on non-exposed block surfaces
Miscellaneous Details - Metric
Updated May 2023
Miscellaneous Details - SAE
Updated May 2023
Reinforcement Details
Updated Nov 2022
Updated May 2021
Steel reinforcement in wall units
System Components - Metric
Updated Sep 2023
System Components - SAE
Updated Sep 2023
Typical Details - Metric
Updated Nov 2023
Typical Details - SAE
Updated Nov 2023
Base Embedment
New Jun 2022
Concrete Strength for Precast Modular Wall Units
D150 Assembly Details - Metric
Updated May 2023
D150 Block Assembly Details - SAE
Updated May 2023
D150 Height Tables
New Mar 2023
Differential Settlement
New Sep 2022
Geogrid Input Table for SRWall
Updated Jul 2022
Gravity Wall Design - ASD
Updated Dec 2023
Interface Shear and Lifting Loops for Unit Alignment
New Mar 2024
Paraweb MSE Input Values
Updated May 2022