Featured Projects

A monumental free-standing wall in Woburn, rising like a 50-foot sentinel between a natural mountain of rock and brand new housing for the eastern Massachusetts community.

Stone Strong precast concrete blocks take center stage on The Foothills Parkway, where high elevations, a narrow construction corridor, and precise aesthetic requirements challenge contractors on a daily basis.

Stone Strong's small block makes a big impact on this residential home build. Stone Strong's smaller 6-28SF modular block became the big hero when the need for a tight radius wall arrived.

In October 2012, Lynchburg College announced plans for the expansion and renovation of their student center. Taking into account the site's steep, sloping geography, project engineers informed school officials that a substantial, 20-plus-foot retaining wall would need to be built to facilitate a roadway. Lynchburg officials used this opportunity to give their students something different, something special, something no one had ever seen before: a dual purpose retaining-rock climbing wall.

When a regional hospital needed to upgrade their parking lot space, including terraced parking, stairs and pedestrian access to different tiers, a large block modular wall system was the first choice. When a stream needed rerouted for the project without using any mechanical tie back, Stone Strong Systems was the first choice.

The City of Portland was in need of an asthetically pleasing retaining wall system that could not only provide a 9 foot tall gravity wall but also have fencing through the top portion of the wall. Stone Strong was able to accomplish both goals efficiently.

Stone Strong Tennessee foohills Pattern leaves Developer and Muncipality satisfied enough with project to continue to uses Stone Strong exclusively for future projects.

While bidding to replace a corrugated steel pipe culvert creek crossing along Hwy 89 with precast box culvert and wing walls, Stone Strong dealer, M Con Pipe and Products decided to approach the consulting engineer about using Stone Strong in lieu of the specified waste concrete blocks. The result was a Stone Strong box culvert and wing wall, which were installed on time and on budget.

Dealing with a failed wall that was creating a safety hazard and keeping a critical transportation route closed, Midway Middle School used Stone Strong's big engineered retaining wall blocks to create a strong, sturdy precast wall that’s designed to withstand the test of time and elements.

Working with a tight schedule, a waterlogged jobsite, and its customer’s aesthetic requirements, HS Construction & Excavating finds the perfect solution in a wing wall constructed from Stone Strong modular blocks.